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World's First Ride-To-Earn Blockchain Game

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How to start

Grab your device

Using a PC, Mac, iOS or Android, download and install Dustland Rider

Set up your bike

Place the bike on a trainer so that it is stationary while cycling indoors

Check your sensor

Connect the power or speed sensor to the device via Bluetooth
Rider Support
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Dustland Rider
Eliz Character Portrait
Kettlemine’s Head Dustcap and Lord Ingram’s right hand woman. Endlessly competent, vastly experienced and world-weary, Eliz has seen it all.
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Lord Percy Ingram Character Portrait
Lord Percy Ingram
Kettlemine’s leader is a brilliant scientist and an idealist with vast dreams. He can be callous, blinkered and arrogant, but Percy Ingram wants to help everyone, regardless of the cost.
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Andrea Character Portrait
A fellow escapee from Kettlemine, Andrea is determined, brave and a good listener. She’s partnered with Ren to help her survive, but has an agenda all of her own.
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Ren Character Portrait
Andrea’s partner, Ren is a skilled driver and a man permanently on the verge of panic and doing his best to hide it.
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What is Dustland Rider?

Dustland Rider (Rider) is the world's first blockchain smart trainer cycling game. It's a story-driven game where your bike acts as the controller. Put on your headphones or turn on your speaker to immerse yourself in the Dustland story.

To read up more about Dustland and its reward system, check out the Litepaper.

Where can I download and play Rider?

Play on PC or Mac for the best experience. The game also runs well on other platforms such as iOS and Android phones and tablets.

The alpha version will make its debut on PC and Mac first, followed by iOS and Android, which are now open for pre-order and pre-registration. Sign up above to be in the know.

How to get started?

Dustland Rider is an online game, you will need stable Internet/Wi-Fi at the app install stage to download all the missions, and to login to your account before you start each ride to record performance. Download the game, place your bike on top of the trainer so that it's in a fixed position. Connect your sensor with the device via Bluetooth. Three simple steps and off you go!

The alpha version is largely a single player experience, but there will be elements of the game that you can share with friends.

How do I know if my setup works on Rider?

The most important thing to check is whether your bike trainer has a power or speed sensor. Smart bikes from Stages, Wahoo and Tacx are tested and proven compatible.

For street bikes, two things you might need are:

  • A thru-axle (TA) to attach the bike to the trainer so that it's fixed on the ground
  • An external speed sensor that you can attach to your bikes rear wheel to monitor your performance

Always check your bike manual for final safety advice and compatibility for indoor riding. We are not liable for any injuries or damage caused while playing the game.

Compatible Setup Types

What are the possible connection sources?

There are two: Bluetooth or ANT+.

Can I play Rider outside?

NO and DO NOT TRY TO. Yes, that's in upper case because we want it to be in your face! It is dangerous to be looking at your screen while riding outside! You will need a stationary device.

How does Dustland Rider track my performance in the game?

After connecting your sensor to the device (PC, Mac, iOS or Android phone), Dustland Rider will track your speed and distance when you are riding.

Can I steer the bike in Rider?

The game requires no steering. However, there are many creative ways within the game to select where you want to go next to continue the story or collect items.

Do I Need a Smart Trainer to Play Rider?

You don't need a Smart Trainer. You can use a non-smart trainer along with a Speed or Power sensor, however we will say the game works best using a Smart Trainer or Power Meter in this phase of development.

Can I upload my performance to Strava?

Dustland Rider allows you to see your speed or time while in the game. All your normal fitness metrics can also be uploaded to Strava with a GPX file.

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