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World's First Move-To-Earn Audio Fitness Blockchain Game

Go your distance. Earn your lifestyle.

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Conquer the 42km challenge for 30 days that will push your limits and test your fitness ability! Set your own pace and break through to the finish line! You will be rewarded with the exclusive Dustland Race Physical medal!


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The End Is Just The Beginning

IT'S THE YEAR 2272. A powerful solar flare scorched Earth and destroyed cities all around leaving the planet to ruins and scattered survivors.
The Dustlands are what's left – a ramshackle collection of pirates, ghost towns and seven settlements.

Survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic future — resources are scarce, but opportunity calls. Run for resources, find other survivors and discover secrets of the Dustland. Your mission is to race over the Dustlands and save the future.

  • Run


    Workout physically to get rewards. The more missions you complete, the more rewards you get.

  • Earn


    Reward based on distance not performance. Rewards include exclusive NFTs and DOSE tokens.

  • Upgrade


    Using items and resources collected to upgrade your character. Improve your stats and tackle more dangerous missions offering greater rewards.

Road To Glory

The Dustland Roadmap

  • done

    Q1 2022

    • Kettlemine NFT Registration (Ended)
    • Airdrop of Kettlemine NFT
  • done

    Q2 2022

    • Dustland Runner Alpha on Android and iOS (Mission 1 - 3)
    • DOSE Staking
    • Dustland Rider Alpha pre-registration
    • More DOSE listings
  • Q3 2022

    • Dustland Runner completion ticket conversion
    • Dustland Runner new reward system
    • Dustland Rider Alpha (PC, Mac, iOS and Android)
    • More Runner missions
    • More Dustland NFT
    • Dustland Ape missions

Key Players

Meet the Team

  • Keith Rumjahn

    Keith Rumjahn

    Overall Jedi Master. Long gaming and fitness history, with a Best of Google Play app award and Tatler Asia 2020 GenT Honouree under his belt.

  • Game Writer

    Game Writer

    Dustland's enigmatic head writer is exactly the kind of nerd renaissance man needed to bring Dustland to life. A wordsmith of many media and this is not their first game rodeo.

  • Scott Williams

    Scott Williams

    Dustland Rider’s CEO. A cyclist, nicknamed Bigfoot, often spotted on steep forgotten mountain roads. Everything systems & software for Rider.

Get Rewarded

Move-to-Earn DOSE

What everyone else calls play-to-earn we call move-to-earn. In Dustland, the more your move, the more rewards you get.

Select Mission
Select Mission
Receive NFTs/DOSE Tokens
Receive NFTs/DOSE Tokens
Upgrade Loadout
Upgrade Loadout

What is DOSE?

DOSE is the utility token that is the very backbone of Dustland as well as the OliveX (BVI) gamified fitness ecosystem. It's what's called an ERC-20 Fungible Token (FT) of purchase, utility and action, and stands for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin.

In other words, all the stuff you get from a good workout, except in Dustland you're rewarded with more than just sweat.

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